Carmela Rizzuti is a multifaceted artist, she was born with a predisposition for drawing and painting and over the years, during the training course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, she embraced her passion also in the world of photography by enrolling in the Photo Conca d'Oro Club managed by the master and photographer Giuseppe Cilia. Two paths that apparently seem distinct and separate but in the end there is always a correlated search for visual effects between painting and photography where the artist creates a continuous connection. In painting, Carmela Rizzuti uses photographic technique and a mechanical reproduction of reality to build her hyper-realistic portraits by portraying people in attitudes of everyday life made technically with a brush with oil colors on smooth supports such as that of plexiglass with the aim of obtaining the most as close as possible to the effect of the card. Her works have an excellent response in the art world because they are exhibited in various galleries in Italy and abroad including the Am Roten Hof Gallery in Vienna and at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan with publication in the magazine Arte by Giorgio Mondadori. In color photography, the artist uses the self-timer to represent her works using her relationship with nature and art as a recurring theme, creating the scenography and visual composition herself.
With these photographic works Carmela Rizzuti has participated in several Biennials both in Italy and abroad, including the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona) and the Pintér gallery in Budapest. In the year 2022 you participated in the collective exhibition Eternal Femininity which took place at the Palazzo Belmonte Riso Museum in Palermo, at the Artbox Expo in Venice at the same time as the Biennale and at the Swissartexpo art festival in Zurich held within the central railway station.







SWISSARTEXPO, Zurich main station, August 24, 2022


ARTBOX EXPO VENICE, Tana Art Space, Fondamenta de la Tana 2109, Venice



ARTEXPO NEW YORK, Pier 36, 299 South St, New York, Ny 10002, 01 April 2022



NFT - NEW FREEDOM THINK, M.A.D.S gallery, MILAN, 28 March 2022



ETERNAL FEMININITY, Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Palermo, 02/02/2022



ETERNAL FEMININITY, Villa Cattolica Renato Guttuso Museum, Bagheria, 20/12/2021



AMEDEO MODIGLIANI TRIBUTE, online exhibition, 11/12/2020



BIENNALE DEI NORMANNI, G. Sciortino Museum, Monreale, (PA), 12/09/2020



THE FACES OF CULTURE, video installation, Palazzo Sant'Elia elevation, Palermo, 27/04/2020



At the MEAM for the Barcelona Art Biennale in Spain, April 5, 2019.



At Palazzo Ca 'Zanardi for the 2019 VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR Venice, 11 April 2019



MANTOVA ARTEXPO ', Gonzaga Museum, Mantua, 8 June 2019



IDENTITY CULTURE AWARD, Teatro Civico La Spezia, 5 July 2019



BUDAPEST ARTEXPO ', Galleria Pintèr, 22 November 2019